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Identification of Old Allen Photos

For those researchers who might question how the photos of individuals included in this website were identified, let me put your minds at rest.

Ruby Elizabeth Allen lived in Marion, Virginia, her entire life in the house that had been occupied by the Allens and the Killingers before them since, probably, the 1840s. Ruby was the daughter of Ferd Allen, one of Robert B. Allen’s sons. Ruby was born in 1911 and died in 1995. I knew Ruby fairly well and on one of my visits to her house, she pulled out the Allen family photo album in which she had most of the photos I’ve included in this website. Beside photos were written names and she informed me that her father had told her who the people were. She even gifted me with a tintype of my great-grandfather from that album on one occasion. After her death, I ended up with the album, which I have shared here. There are many more photos in the album I have not included, as those folks are either unidentified or they are of people who belong to collateral lines.

The only photo that I have made a guess about is the photo of Robert B. Allen, which was found in the Allen house some years after Ruby’s death. That claim is my own and it is based on the gentleman’s appearance and the striking similarity between his facial features and those of many of his known sons. It is still only a guess.

For the other photos, they were identified by the subjects’ own brother, and that’s about the best proof anyone could hope for these days.

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